History of the municipality Kämpfelbach

In the course of the municipality reform in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the villages Bilfingen and Ersingen joined together to a new municipality called Kämpfelbach on the 1st of July in 1974.

The ancient village Bilfingen traces back to a settlement called Binolf. As early as the days of the Romans, a construction at a road junction existed, on which the foundament of the Bilfinger pilgrimage church was built. The founders of this church were Scottish monks in the 7th century. So Bilfingen was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1193. Only four years later, in 1197, documents about Ergensingen (settlement of the Argazio or Ergeso) were found. By courtesy of bying deals and barters the villages gradually belonged to the monastery Frauenalb.

Before Ersingen totally belonged to the monastery, it was possessed by the Masters of Enzberg, the Earls of Eberstein and Vaihingen and the Dominican and Cistercian of Pforzheim. Down to the year 1803, the monastery was the only Lord of the manor. Ersingen and Bilfingen built a double village with a common mayor, municipal council and court. Ersingen used to be as twice as large as Bilfingen, that’s why the administrative bodies were staffed two to one in favour of Ersingen.

Today, Ersingen and Bilfingen still have an old tradition: carnival. With parades, a "Prinzenpaar" (a prince and a princess reign over the people during carnival time) and striking glowing wood-slices through the night, people try to frighten away the winter.

On the 7th of September, both villages have a „vowing-day“ (Gelübdetag) where people fast and go to church to get the communion. This tradition dates back to 1357 when the plague was all over the place.